Harbakur Valgard

Treasure hunter and trinket merchant in search of ancient secrets.

  • Race: Dwarf,
  • Class: Artificer,
  • Deity: Moradin,
  • Alignment: Good,
  • Age: 126,
  • Str:11,
  • Con:18,
  • Dex:10,
  • Int:17,
  • Wis:16,
  • Cha:10,
  • Max hp: 55,
  • Defenses,
  • Ac: 19,
  • Fort: 18,
  • Ref:16,
  • Will:17,

A traveling peddler who investigates the stories and lore that he picks up in the regions he passes through. Harbakur was once an understudy to a dwarven rune inscription master. once of age he began to explore ans search for lost magics and rituals.

Artifice minions: Shell: A obedient servant artifice created from a collapsible plate suit. Rengen: A flame heart defender created through use of a magic candle. The candle is lit to lure and trap the energy of a flame elemental.

Harbakur Valgard

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