Unlike the lowlands of Mhoried, Winoene maintains a wild and untouched beauty. The green fields of Byrnnor give way to the rolling hills of Dhalsiel. These in turn give way to rocky foothills whose sheer sides stream water from patches of snow high on their barren crowns. Home to the rugged highlanders, these farmers and herders coax life from the rocky soil and fish the numerous lakes and streams that feed the Stonebyrn and Maesil rivers.

Lying along the banks of Lake Winoene is the old Caer Winoene, sacked and burned more than four hundred years ago by goblins out of the Five Peaks seeking to capitalize on the riches the house once horded. Here House Winoene met its end as the goblins razed much of the countryside. Lord Harth Winoene holds the County now, and has worked hard to restore much of Winoene’s glory, but it still remains the shadow it once was.

Winoene is rumored to be one of the places where the feywild and our world are very close to each other. Locals regularly report strange happenings deep in the woods, though most believe it is just rumors. Eladrin do inhabit the wildest parts of Winoene, and are on good terms with the Guardians and people of Mhoried.

The town of Crooked Lake is located in the northeast corner of Winoene.


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