Mhoried is made up of all the land between the Stonebyrn and Maesil rivers. It stretches north to the Stonecrown mountains where it ends at the Gates of Doom, a pass that leads to Cariele. To the east it is bordered by Markazor, to the northwest is The Five Peaks, southwest Alamie, and south Ghoere and Elinie.

Mhoried has three distinct regions:

The fortress capital of Shieldhaven lies in the center of a large forest called the Bevlewood.

In the north are the highlands, sparsely populated hills and valleys that lead up to the great forest that spans the Stonecrown mountains. This area is reffered to as Winoene and is ruled by House Winoene. The people of Winoene are some of the toughest and most independent in Anuiria. The relative isolation, the harsh terrain, and the constant threat of attack from all sides have created a culture of happy and care free stoicism.

Southern Mhoried, called Byrnnor is more docile and more prosperous. Cattle and sheep farms stretch for miles along the banks of the two rivers. The city of Riumache serves as a giant warehouse storing up all the products that flow down the Maesil, then sending them to the big cities of southern Anuria. The Count of Byrnnor is Baesil Ceried who also serves as the Lord Marshal of Mhoried.

The ruler of Mhoried is Daeric Mhoried (better know as “the Mhor”). His family has been ruling the land for as long as anyone can remember. By all accounts he is a wise ruler who genuinely cares for the land and his people. He tries to ensure that his laws do not interfere with the freedom and happiness of the people. His lenient policies have encouraged many people to immigrate. These people either want to change their situation or forget their past and most settle in the north where land is plentiful.

The Mhor is most famous around Anuiria for his military prowess. An all volunteer army serves the king with ferocious loyalty. The army is known for training and paying young men very well. Elite units of rangers, called Guardians, patrol the lands of the north and the Bevlewood.

The leader of the Guardians in the north is Michael Mhoried, the youthful son of the Mhor. He is well liked by the people of the north for his generous demeanor and his vigilence in hunting down goblinoid trespassers.

Mhoried is becoming more diverse, but the majority of the inhabitants are Anuirians. There are small settlements of halflings and Gnomes in the highlands, and Lizardfolk can be found in small numbers around the rivers to the south. Some Eladrin are known to live in Winoene. Elves are a rare sight, and with Tuarhievel close by many are naturally distrustful of their intentions. Dwarves used to be more common in the mountains, but as it is with dwarves everywhere they seem to be dwindling in number. Goblinoids or the green races as they are called are “shoot first ask questions later”. Technically it is only legal for a goblinoid to be in Mhoried if he has a pass which has to be given to him by a noble or a guardian.


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