Crooked Lake

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In the beginning ...

The party will start in a large lumber camp in northern Mhoried a region called Winoene, the closest settlement is the small walled town of Crooked Lake. The camp is located on the western bank of the Maesil River directly across from the wild lands of Markazor. The land and lumber is owned by House Talaver a large merchant family with considerable wealth and influence. The camp is seasonal and it is abandoned every winter. The characters have either signed on for the season as laborers or they find themselves in the camp on other business…

more to follow...
Palen's Log of Events

Since heading out on our suicide mission, alot as unfolded. We encountered many Red Worms and crushed all that stood before us. After reaching our destination of Fort Wildercrag, we found a few goons residing within the fort. Being the levelheaded man I am, we chased them down, beat them to a pulp and demanded answers. The man was less than cooperative and tried to escape via death and curse us with threats of “Mother Worm.” Somehow, their was a misunderstanding with a local shop owner and were got framed with murder. Luckily, things got cleared up and we were introduced to the tiefling paladin, Hazar (Hazzuah?...I haven’t asked him how to spell it yet…). With a new assignment proposed to us, we all headed out with new marching orders. The group ran into more trouble with “high-end” poison lizards, but we ended them like all before them. Somehow, one of them almost stole Lira’s tooth dagger, though we stopped that pickpocket in his tracks.

We reached a facility that seemed to be a headquarters for the Worms and skulked around. For some reason, Lira and myself went on a separate mission while the others scouted the building. When we reunited, Harbukar went missing again (I wonder wher ehe ends up half the time) and the others came back with Hippogriffs. Not too long after this, we encountered a small squadron of Red Worm lizards, being led by Brotte. Brotte apparently is brainwashed and did not listen to reason. He babbled on and on about the joys of cult life. We seemed to disagree with my plan to rescue him, so he sent his cronies after us. Not to happy with his response, we disposed of his twenty men. Since it seems the cult has some sort of spell on him, it looks like next time we meet, I’ll have to beat him silly and drag him home.

On the way back to Wildercrag, there was some sort of explosion in the facility and from the Elven lands and there was new orders waiting for us. We had to fight a clan of goblinoids known as the Broken Cups or Sunder Goblets or Green Fists… and head towards another fort. Tomely joined our troop to aid us on our quest. We crushed and threw many goblins along the way, along with saving some enslaved humans. Tomely rushed them back while we headed onward. Upon arriving, we were greeted by waves of goblins and hobgoblins, the largest and meanest being Kard City Smasher. The goblins managed to break into the fort but evacuated quickly. In the central tower we were briefed with a new objective to return the kingdom’s greatest treasure. Escaping explosions and hordes, we ran into the wilderness to eluded the army of green fisters. We’ll see how smoothly this mission goes….


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