Azhar ibn Hassan ibn Rashid

A towering and fiery Pelorite Zealot from distant arid lands, Azhar brings the Light with his immense axe.


Bravura Warlord

STR 18
DEX 12
CON 10
INT 12
WIS 11
CHA 17

59 HP

20 AC (Tactician’s Chainmail)
+10 attack with Terror Execution Axe

REF 14

Focus in heavy-hitting powers and Healing powers, dishing it out recklessly and keeping himself and the others alive.


Azhar was a part of a diplomatic envoy from the distant west meeting with their eastern counterparts in a once-in-a-century convocation of the Church of Pelor. When his company arrived, they discovered that the holy meeting site had been ransacked, the other representatives massacred, and the sign of the Red Wyrm Cult everywhere.
His group has, for the moment, taken the mantle of the Local Pelorite clergy until a suitable replacement can be found. He is seeking justice for his fallen brethren in the meantime and trying to spread Pelor’s light and protect Pelor’s interests in the area.
Azhar wears the loose-fitting and flowing linen garments of a Desert dweller, including a turban with a veil that’s always up, partly obscuring his diabolic features. He’s unusually tall and mightily built, and while he strives for serenity, he grapples with his infernal heritage, and his emotions burn fiercely when stirred. His faith is at the core of his mindset- he believes that his devotion to Pelor is all that keeps him from a profane path.
Recently, when faced with fearsome odds, Azhar called out for strength, and was answered in a way he did not expect- his body was transformed into a mighty and terrible demon’s, and though a battle rage fell upon him, he did not lose himself in it. He is unsure of what this means, and is taking penitence upon himself as a precaution. Pelor has not given him any indication whether this was by his design or through another force.

Azhar ibn Hassan ibn Rashid

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